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Our Suggestion to the content provider and official OTT platforms

  • As you know, piracy is a big problem for all OTT platform. You block thousand of pirated sites, the next day another thousand launch.
  • We suggest, every OTT platform should start a special developer platform for Pirate websites, where you officially provide APIs and Video Players to the pirate websites.
  • That way, you will have total user control over pirate websites and make ad revenue from your Video Players which are embedded in those sites.
  • If you want a subscription plan, then you can give rules and regulations (such as no offline download, only streaming, etc.) to the pirate website on a flat pricing model (Play per Cost or Pay per User) and take a revenue share from pirates.
  • That way, both parties will happy. Pirate sites will get official content from OTT platforms and the OTT platform gets complete control over the pirate websites, videos, and its users.

How we run this website?..

  • We build an automated content generation system, Where we never copy, steal, collect or store any content data of official websites such as ZEE5, SonyLiv, Voot etc On our Web Servers, We only use there embed code of it.
  • There is no any human involved in this all process such as for managing site, writing content, adding daily contents etc, this website is completely handled by AI (Artificial intelligence). We have AI (Artificial intelligence) boot which crawler website and iframe important links to our system.

Why we run this website?.

  • First, we all did this because it's possible to do.
  • Second, there are lots of people who never have access of OTT platforms, to watch content directly, we have technology which enables & empower the people to watch tv shows and entertain as self-being, We encourage global users to watch our Indian Culture from this website.
  • Last is, We are a non-profit organization, Our 95% Ad revenue goes to charity and 5% is used for run our system.
  • We say that if you still feel bad about your content being used here then please send email directly to [email protected], we will take down links by next 7 working days.
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