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The story begins with a mysterious female serial killer murdering a woman who was cheating on her partner. Deep Raichand, a filthy rich man, falls in love with a meek girl named Aarohi but she loves a man named Vishal. Vishal is revealed to be dead so Deep marries Aarohi. It is revealed that Aarohi's lookalike Tara Raichand is the serial killer and Deep has married Aarohi to make her the killer. Aarohi falls in love with Deep. Tara suspects that Deep is falling in love with Aarohi, which is true, but he denies it. Deep tries to get intimate with Aarohi to make her fall for him more, which infuriates Tara. Aarohi and Tara finally face each other, and Tara plans to kill her. While escaping, Aarohi sees Deep and Tara confessing their love. She is heartbroken and wants to take revenge. Deep finds out that Aarohi knows his truth and tortures and harasses her, later destroying the memory card on which Aarohi recorded their incriminating conversations. Aarohi is sentenced to 15 years of jail.


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