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The series begins as a story of an eight-year-old boy named Roopendra aka Roop who deals with the patriarchal norms of society. Roop's family consists of his father Shamsher, mother Kamlesh, elder sisters Himani, Jigna and Kinjal, aunt Kaushalya and cousin Ranveer. Shamsher is against women been given more rights. He doesn't want Roop to stay with the women because Roop likes cooking, washing and sewing the clothes which are considered female jobs by the orthodox society. Shamsher's friend, Jeetu gives his daughter Palak, who is also Roop's best friend, the education and confidence needed to grow and stand strong. Shamsher does not want Roop to maintain his friendship with Palak but doesn't say so because she is Jeetu's daughter. The story takes a major turn when Shamsher decides to keep Roop away from the women of the house by sending him to a military boarding school


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